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About Us

Welcome beautiful Sister

Can you feel it  ?

A divine whisper from deep within. A calling for awakening, a song of memories and ancient wisdom, ready for these new times. The world is moving fast and the Wild and Sacred feminine is needed. More then ever before the Priestess is needed in everyday life. 

Do you hear the call? 

Are you ready to step into an old lineage of Priestesses?

Do you long to be in service of love and embody the divine feminine. 

Can you feel that you are so much more than that you have been showing the world so far? 

Do you want to reach out your hand to Sisterhood and healing? 


To awaken we first must realize that we are not what we always thought we were. All the ideas we had about ourselves are about to be shaken loose so there is room to give birth to the true you and embrace the greatness of yourself and your beautiful gift. Yes, we all have one! It is a deep healing of yourself and that goes hand in hand with the healing of the collective Feminine. It is stepping off the paved road onto the winding path of your heart. Not always easy, but always worth it. 


Who are we?

Emelie Manawa

Emelie is a source of inspiration and creativity. She dances through life and makes everyone dance with her! Barefoot! Before you know it, she will take you, wandering across the earth on pilgrimages where you will find your inner priestess and inner warrior again. She is a professional therapist and a creative coach who will inspire you to explore yourself in your deepest depth. During her workshops Emelie embodies femininity, sensuality and playfulness. With her transforming fire she touches you deeply and enters a heart-to-heart connection. She loves nature, passionate Hakas, laughter and singing by campfires.

Margo Awanata

Margo is a mentor who is not afraid to go into the shadows with you. She enters into a deep connection with the women with whom she works and lets them feel that in the safe space that she offers they can really go into the depths where transformations can take place. She manages to take everyone to a higher level while she is firmly on the earth with both her legs. Margo is like the loving earth mother who cherishes and feeds and at the same time shakes off all false beliefs and excuses. She brings her teachings with humor and depth.

Margo is an excellent role model and empowering guide, a priestess with extensive experience in Tantra, shamanism and many other paths. She is an expert in creating a sacred space where all participants feel safe in their strength and vulnerability.

After 3 years of giving women empowerment workshops together, they decide to organize their first Priestesses initiation trip in South West England in 2009. This was the start of Path of the Priestess. The training in its current form has been in existence since 2014 and is taking place in the Netherlands, England and Germany.

Contact Us

Sun Yoga

500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890


"An amazing and deep experience, It was profound and life-changing"                                                    Marina Ziel



Dear Women...
...who might consider doing the Path of the Priestess,

I did the path of the Priestess in 2016 and I can honestly say that it changed my life in such a positive way! On the one hand, it’s a very personal path that you take into the deepest of your own soul and motivation in life. It’s about learning how to be grateful and about learning how to take charge of your own life. It’s about

taking no more bullshit, no more excuses and become your fullest powerful self without shame or embarrassment! It’s about believing that everything that makes you who you are is beautiful and has a right to exist. All your weaknesses, your fears, and your flaws are welcome. It’s about believing that these things

make you who you are and are part of this wonderful unique and authentic person that’s you. Through de deepest darkness and the brightest lights. 

Another big part of this path is creating this deep and empowering connection with all these beautiful woman.

It’s about breaking free from the competition we woman sometimes feel towards each other. You learn how to love each other without judgment and support one another in becoming the beautiful and powerful woman that we all are! Margo and Emelie create a safe and warm environment where everything they offer is an invitation and you have the freedom to take every step on your own time. They believe that everyone has a unique path to walk and it’s all about learning how to be true to yourself

I would really recommend the Path of the Priestess and wish everyone who chooses to take this path so much love and fun on this wonderful journey!  


Wendy Brugman, Gent, Belgium


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